Email marketing data can decay by 50% per year, your email marketing database needs to be kept up-to-date if it's to deliver the results you expect. Bounce Scan helps clean your email marketing database by filtering out bad records, maintaining your reputation and decreasing your email marketing costs.

Email Data Cleansing

Get predictable results from your email data

Pre-send screening for all your email marketing lists
Bounce Scan utilises methods used by popular Email Service Providers (ESP’s) to quality check your email lists ahead of a send, meaning you get a more accurate representation of delivery rates as well as savings during the send itself.

Our quick and easy scan service will rate your list free of charge and allow you to download a full report and even a clean version of your list with the bad records removed.

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Bounce Scan Features

Bounce Scan provides simple, low cost, accurate email marketing data cleansing and validation

  • Free initial list grading
    We will scan and test the deliverability of your email marketing data for free based on a series of technical qualifiers, you are then given an accurate grade listing of the quality of data and the option to clean the list.
  • Low cost per record scan
    We will automatically grade your email marketing database for free, if you decide to clean the list, you can take advantage of our low cost per record scan. We offer the same great service and price regardless of the size of your company and we use bespoke algorithms to ensure your data is clean as quickly as possible.
  • Fast and simple to use
    Simply upload your email marketing data to our secure server, we will scan and grade your data so you can get an accurate sense of how deliverable and valid your email list is before sending it out.
  • Accurate results
    Our comprehensive validation process uses similar methods to those used when sending email to ensure that our results are accurate. We maintain a rolling blacklist to ensure that any nasty addresses are filtered out and have a host of validation methods in order to keep each scan as fast as possible.

How It Works

Upload, clean, download, simple…


Upload your email data to our secure server

Upload your email data list in a variety of formats, once you’ve named your data set we’ll start validating the data immediately.


We’ll validate and clean the addresses

Our comprehensive free validation process will provide you with a grade based on data validity and deliverability


Download your lovely clean data

Your clean email data will export in it’s original format with new columns indicating which rows contain issues and the issue type.


Enjoy the rewards of a clean data set

With clean email data you will have greater measurability of a campaigns success and lower your email marketing send costs!

Put us to the Test

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What Are The Benefits?

Add to your marketing workflow for consistent savings

When dealing with large email marketing databases and large marketing email send costs, wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind in the accuracy of your data and better measurability of a campaigns success? With Bounce Scan we can remove some of the uncertainty about email address validity, remove bad records and duplicate addresses which are costing you money, giving you decreased response rates.

Our services are suited to email marketeers, creative agencies, data brokers and small to medium size companies.

Sign up for a free account to see how our validation performs.

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Our Pricing

We like to keep things clear and simple

From only £0.0009 / email

Free membership, no monthly fees

Qty Price FREE Email Support ^ Premium Email Support +
2,500 £25.00
5,000 £40.00
10,000 £70.00
25,000 £150.00
50,000 £250.00
100,000 £400.00
250,000 £750.00
500,000 £1,000.00
1,000,000 £1,500.00
2,500,000 £2,500.00
5,000,000 £4,750.00
10,000,000 £9,000.00

^ Free email support entitles you to a response within 8 hours of submitting your enquiry (9:00 - 17:30 BST).
+ Premium email support entitles you to a response within 3 hours of submitting your enquiry (9:00 - 17:30 BST).

We are always keen for a deal so if you're after more than 10M credits then get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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We like to keep things clear and simple

Getting started couldn’t be easier, with no membership or setup fees and free validation of your marketing data. You can make an informed decision whether it’s worth paying to clean the data, there really is no downside, try us out to see how much you could save.

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Custom Integration

Integrate Bounce Scan with your favourite email service provider

Looking to streamline your email data workflow? No problem, we offer custom integration with many ESPs, meaning you can verify, clean and send your email lists without having to leave your email campaign manager.

Our experienced team of UK in-house developers can integrate Bounce Scan with your preferred marketing email platform and work to your specific requirements for a truly custom streamlined process. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

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